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    Hey, guys. I usually use the cable machine to do flies for my chest, but I decided to try doing them with dumbbells. I noticed when I do them it feels like they are working my front delts a lot more than my pecs. Its probably a problem with my form, what I do is go down in an arcing motion until I feel a good stretch with my elbows slightly bent. Then I come up in the same arcing motion and squeeze my pecs at the top. I' not sure what Im doing wrong but I think I might be bending my elbows too much or too little.

    Any Ideas?

  2. Maybe dont come all the way up, stop arms at 45 degrees to the body. Or maybe your elbows are rotating outward/inward too much. Grab some low weight and start practicing with different ways. Im actually opposite with you,.. I get crazy delt activation from cables, not DB's.

  3. when doing flyes, imagine you are giving a big girl a hug..you don't want your arms straight, yet you don't want them bent too much.. a good stretch at the bottom, but not so deep that you are engaging your delts in the movement, a good squeeze at the top, keeping the tension on the pecs..sounds like you are doing the movement right by your description...i think the 8-12 rep range works best here,, with a good warm up of 15 or so to loosen up the shoulder joint, but to also get the blood in the pec area..choose a weight you can really concentrate on the entire movement.. may just take a little practice to get it down since you are used to going with the cable flyes..
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    Thanks for the replies. I think brk_nemesis may be right that I am rotating my elbows too much, or maybe my wrists. I will go for low weight next time to get my form right.

  5. arch your back and do what they said, dont do it straight up and down

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    Quote Originally Posted by swollwilliams View Post
    imagine you are giving a big girl a hug..
    best ever...reps sir, reps

    Pain Eater, Decline DB flyes seem to really isolate the pecs, imo

  7. Also watch for arm position in relation to your body. Are you crucified...arms and trunk make a T or are your arms positioned more towards your legs. I see a lot of guys in the gym where the elbows drop a bit toward their legs..this puts more weight on your delts.


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