Looking 4 crash course on Supplements,

  1. Looking 4 crash course on Supplements,

    Never got into em or really thought about using them till lately. I've always worked out and just ate normally pretty much. I'm in no means big but i've always been able to lift decently for what i've put into working out imo. Now i'm trying to eat more healthy and start getting into better shape not looking to win a contest just trying to lose about 30 lbs & build some muscle

    Im pretty good with working out & using weights and stuff but i am epic fail when it comes to dieting / supplements & knowing when to eat / not to eat or take supplements.

    I work 5 10's doing construction laborer outside, trying to find some help finding a diet type program to eat while at work and hit the gym afterwords.

    Little help much appreciated,

  2. I was like you when i got serious about lifting. To tell you the truth you dont need crazy supplement that say DI-creatineawillmakeyouhuge. I learned that the hard way spending alot of money on size on and other products that claimed to make you huge. I would stick with a whey protein shake in the morning and post workout to quickly supply your muscles with protein and amino acids. I prefer to get a 1000g tub of creatine mono for like 20 bucks that will last a long time that you should take post workout. Maybe if u want to spend a little of money get superpump 250 and take it preworkout. Get some multivitamins and take those, and get fish oil and omega oils. Mainly start out with these simple supplements and when you want you can evolve into all the different crazier supplements.

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