The perfect routine

  1. The perfect routine

    What if you had nothin' but time to train, sleep 10 hrs. a night, take naps and prepare your own food for each day? If you were going for muscle hypertrophy, what would YOUR perfect routine be? Anabolic free, just a few slect supps.

  2. There is no perfect routine.

    However, in the situation you've given, I'd train twice a day, 4-5days a week. One push, one pull, one lower body lift and three isolation movements.
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  3. I would train 5 times a week twice a day... cardio/ab work in the morning upon waking... Heavy lifting at night 5 day split

    monday chest
    tuesday legs
    weds arms
    thurs shoulders
    friday back/traps
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  4. Both are good choices. I'd do my training ib blocks of 4-6 weeks, going be how I felt and the progress I was making. A routine goes stale on me in about 4 weeks or so. Then it's time to change it up a bit or just add some various intensity methods, etc.

    I def train 2x a day, each WO about 1hr. to 1 1/2 hrs. And that would be everyday. Sometimes taking a day off if feeling a little burned out.

    Currently following Size Surge, phase 2. POF = positions of flexion. It's fun, something different and making great gains thus far. After this might so what's called the "Super Routine". It's a split hitting each group 3x a week. Pretty intense, will do for 2-3 weeks with some flexing thrown in for good measure....and it's summer. Ha.

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