Help me get on track? New member here

  1. Help me get on track? New member here

    Hi everyone,

    Name is Mike and I have been going to the gym since 2004. I am 22 years old and cannot seem to get things on track here. In 2004 when I started going to the gym. I weighed 250lbs of fat. I got down to around 205-210lbs and that is where I have stayed. Here is where I need help. I want to become "fit", but get strong at the same time. The following are what I do at the gym with an average daily diet.

    Day 1 workout:
    15 min cardio
    calf raises 3x12 at 155
    Squats 3x8 at 215
    Leg Press 4x8 at 305
    Lat pulldown 3x10 at 135
    reverse fly 3x10 at 135
    Abs(vairable exercises) 3x25

    Day 2 workout:
    30 min cardio
    Abs(variable) 3x25

    Day 3 workout:
    15 min cardio
    Bench Press 4x8 at 165-185
    Incline Press 4x8 at 185
    Fly(dumbbell) 3x10 with 25s
    Tricep extension(dumbbells) 3x10 at 35s
    Abs(variable exercises) 3x25

    Day 4 workout:
    30 min cardio
    Abs etc..

    Day 5 workout:
    15 min cardio
    Curls 3x10 at 40s
    Hammer curls 3x10 at 50
    Seated curl 3x10 at 30s
    Abs etc...

    Day 6 workout:
    30 min cardio
    Abs etc...

    Day 7 workout:

    The following is an average diet(this is where im really messed up);

    Breakfast-Usually I eat nothing. If I do have time for breakfast it is an apple with peanut butter or a muffin with water

    Lunch-Usually consist of meat portion, large vegetable, small carb portion with salad and little dressing. Water to drink.

    Dinner- Is usually the same as lunch. Dinner however is usually no carb and alot of lean meat. With water to drink.

    No Snacks

    I faithfully drink 3+ liters of water per day. I take 0 supplements at this time. I am getting married in May 2010 and would like to meet my goal of reaching 185lbs and being "fit". I dont expect to be rocking a 6 pack. However, a healthy looking body would be nice.

    I do apologize for the long post. If anyone has any advice for me; Supplements to take, routine advice, diet advice. PLEASE do not hesitate!



  2. Not being a smartass but- REEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEERRRRRCCCHH HH!!!!
    Tons of good reads on this site but I seriously doubt you are going to find many - if any - people willing to just type you up a workout and send you on your way .

  3. I dont want that and I am doing research currently. I just figured I would post up and see if anyone bit or sent me in the right direction or had tib bits of advice.

  4. You don't eat enough. Your diet, around these parts would be considered below average. You need some snacks (healthy snacks, protein bars/nuts/jerky,) or to at least eat 5 or 6 meals a day. How many calories do you take in over the course of a day? 2500? 3000? If you don't know then that's where I would start. Higher calorie meals in the morning, and high carb. Lower calorie meals in the evenings. Use fats in the evening to help keep you fuller for longer periods of time. Have some source of protein in EVERY meal. You should try to shoot for ~180g of protein a day. More isn't necessary but wouldn't really 'hurt' you either.

    Nutrition before supplements. At least you're acknowledging that. Most people, myself included, started with the supplements and then finally got to understand the importance of proper nutrition.

    When was the last time you switched up your workout?
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  5. Silent,

    I used to just work my upperbody only(mainly arms). Then I downloaded a program for my iphone(ifitness). That has had my workout changed up a bit. I will try to get a eating program on track here. However, my job makes it VERY difficult. I work in a operating room as a CST. I usually just get 1 30min break per 8-10hr shift.

  6. Can you have a drink at your desk?

    Shaker cup filled with water, 1 scoop of protein, and 1 cup of oatmeal. A quick and easy 400 calories.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  7. ive got a workout all typed up on excel and if you type in your maxes for each respective exercise it will calculate the weight for you
    it is 5 days a week so if you are up for it pm me


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