grave yard shift

  1. grave yard shift

    I just started to work at night, from 6mp at 6am. And am having trouble lifting. The days I don't work I don't feel like lifting I think because I'm not used to the time change yet, and try to lift when I'm normally sleeping because of the hours I work(days I don't work that is). Any of you work at night like me and if so when do you lift? Would it be better after work(some time after 6am) or befor I go to work(some time before 6PM).

    Ps I'm have trouble sleeping as well. When I get off work ill fall asleep but them I'm awake by 10am or 11am and If I get up ill stay up so I just have a shake in my room to get some food in. I have been on this shift for like 1 1/2months now and my training is suffering bad.Any tips?

  2. i had the same problem when i first started working at night from 10pm to 6am

    Just hit the gym as soon as you wake up in the afternoon and take a good preworkout supplement like usp labs jacked

    I did the mistake of going to the gym after work and taking jp8.... it messed up my sleep for the day even with sleeping pills.

    now i only use sleeping pills very rarely maybe once or twice a month when i really need help sleeping

  3. Agreed. Just get into the gym and get something done. Your body will get into the swing of things eventually.

  4. I'm going through the same thing. 7pm-7am and its about 110 degrees in our plant. The job is a workout in itself. I have started to go to the gym before work and I find that it helps with my energy levels throughout the shift.

  5. I work 7p-7a as well. I usually get into the gym by 4pm, you just have to make yourself get to the gym, thats the hardest part.

  6. Thank! I'm a have to try it before I go to work. I have done it like 2 times after wich was not to great.

  7. I worked midnights for 2 years...worst thing I ever did! There have been studies linking shorter life spans, carb craving, etc with working graveyards. I wouldn't be worried with working out before you go to work or after you get home so much as just working out whenever works best for you. I tried both, for me personally, it was better to work out before I went to work. Wakes you up a bit......When I worked out in the mornings after coming home, it took too long to wind-down and get to bed. Good luck!

  8. I use to work nights 7 to 7...but now im on days woohoo!....but when i was on nights it was very depressing because most people work days...and i never felt like training on the days i worked because i would sleep till i had to work...i felt i slept more on nights.

  9. I've been working midnights/grave yard for 7.5 of the last 10 years. First off, some people stay up and go to bed later in the day, some sleep right after work and wake up around 3. I'm the latter.

    The first thing you have to do is find what your body likes. If you hate lifting right after waking up, then I'd rearrange your sleep time to later in the day and lift right after work.

    The key is finding what your body likes and how to be productive.


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