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    i got my new workout from *******...i have been using the 3 s t training split..its an 8 day split and i would recommend it to anyone..i used to spend hours int he gym and over train this workout plans it our for you to get a great burn but no focusing on my chest so my sample week is like this....chest,legs,off,back,ch est,arms,shoulders, off then start over...its a great workout...

  2. Jay Edit: Please do not link to non affiliated businesses.

  3. Hi guys i am really looking for a routine i do the same thing at the gym 6 days a week and feel have reached plateu any suggestions where i should look?? I want to concentrate on chest but also doing everything else!

  4. I am a bit of a rookie mate! Should not be been doing it a long time. Dont have a split! I work chest, bi's, tri's, back and shoulder on every visit to gym takes nearly 3 hours! And no decent results need to figure out a decent split but dont know really where to start??

  5. Shortstop not trying to be a **** but if you are personal trainer, why would you need a website to plan out your routines?

  6. So I checked out vastmuscle it is a scam that charges people a monthly fee for info you can get for free. You sign up and if you don't cancel it continues to charge you. As a matter of fact it actually links directly to and sponges information off of it directly. Literally is linked directly to it... This guy is promoting his website.

    I do suppose if someone was new to working out they could use this info. hs


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