New workout?? please!!

  1. New workout?? please!!

    I'm a 17yr old kid thats been doin this workout for the last 6 weeks, and i've finished it. The workout i was doing helped me loose 20lbs of fat and gain noticable muscle and i was hoping someone could give me another workout to start doing so i can stay excited for the gym and more importantly shock my muscles and get new and better results. Heres the workout i was doing.

    Day 1 Heavy legs, light shoulders
    Squat/front squat/box squat
    Glute ham raises/2 up 1 down leg curls/1 leg SLDL 4x8
    Step ups/lunges/split squats 4x10
    DB raise 21's 4 sets of 7 reps front/side/rear or Limo drivers 4 sets of 20 seconds
    Rocky press/Arnold press 4x15

    Day 2 Heavy chest, light back
    BB bench/BB Incline/BB Decline
    Swiss ball DB bench/Incline multiangle DB/DB floor press 4x12
    Plyo pushups any variation 4x7
    Pullups 4xfailure...use machine assisted if necessary and vary grips
    Incline DB row/1 arm DB row/machine row 4x8

    Day 3 Light legs, heavy shoulders, biceps
    Power press/1 arm clean and press/clean and press
    Power cleans/hang cleans/deadlift 4x5
    Scarecrows/face pulls/high pulls 4x12
    Single leg leg press/single leg squat onto bench/single leg burpees with jump squat 3x10
    Med ball wall toss seated 4x10
    Standing BB curls/single arm BB curls/preacher curls 4x12
    Incline DB curls/hammer curls/Zottman curls 4x8

    Day 4 Light chest, heavy back, triceps
    Lat pulldowns various grips 4x11
    BB rows various grips 4x9
    DB pullovers/cable/BB 4x15... focus on form
    Explosive pushups/bench pushups/bosu ball pushups/regular pushups 3xfailure
    Palms in DB press various angles 3x15
    Dips 3xfailure
    Lying extensions/Tate press/Close grip 4x12

    I would rest between days 2 and 3 one day then rest two days after day 4. Core lift each day, the one without set/rep, do 15/12/10/8, 12/10/8/6, 4x8, 5x5, 5/5/3/3/2, 10/6/5/3/1 final week.

    Abs should be done 2-3x weekly, best not before the lifts because it would compromise core strength and weaken lifts, although some myself included would argue that would help to simulate fatigue in games, but thats another story. Abs as follows do about 4 sets of 7-20 on each:
    Russian twists/Med ball twists/plate twists/side twisting med ball wall throw
    Weight crunches/situps/standing cable crunch
    Cable hip pulls/hanging raises/widow makers

    So i was hoping someone could give me a good workout to get me going again, thank you and i appreciate all the help i can get.

  2. I use this workout and have recomended it before.

    Flat Bench 5X3
    Warmup weight X 5
    increase 10% X 3
    increase 10% X 3
    increase 10% X 3
    increase 15% X 3 (last set of 3 should be about 85% of your max)

    Spider Curls 3X6-8 (To blow out your arms don't bother doing standard curls, put on as much as you think you can do twice and do it six times. Push yourself until you feel like you can't do another curl and then do one.)
    Incline Bench 3X8
    Cable Flies/ Bench Dips
    Overhead tricep extensions..
    Heavy Dumbbell curls 3X6-8(same thing as other curls)
    Rep out on bench with the most you can 10 rep.


    Squat 3X6 (rather than doing 8 do 6 with heavier weight)
    Bent Rows 3X6-8
    Leg Press 3X8
    Deadlift 3X6
    Leg Extensions 3X6
    Calf Raises 3X10

    Wednesday REST



    Military Press 3X6
    Leg Lifts until fail followed immediately with crunches with legs bent at 90 degrees, followed immediately by bicycle crunches.
    Front Raises 3X8
    "Plank" (push up position while holding yourself up on your forearms)
    Upright rows 3X8
    Forearm Curls 3X10

    Chest/ Arms
    Dumbbell Press 3X8
    Spider Curls 3X6-8
    Cable flies/bench dips
    Heavy Dumbbell 3X6-8
    Incline DB bench


    Squat 3X6
    Bent Rows 3X6-8
    Leg Press 3X8
    Deadlift 3X6
    Leg Extensions 3X6
    Calf Raises 3X10

    Sunday REST

    This routine is designed to keep you working out more and making better gains because you can still work certain muscles while your other muscles rest by avoiding use during the following workout. By doing less reps at higher weight you will increase strength better than more reps at lower weight. This is the routine I have been using since I got back from college in May and my bench has gone from maxing 170 to maxing 230, and have cut down to 8% BF while still gaining nearly 10 pounds. Let me know if you have any questions about this workout and keep me updated on how it's working for you!

  3. Thanks this workout is awesome and i cant wait to start it....but i have two questions

    wat is a front raise??? and how long should i do this workout??? like some ppl say do it for 2 months then switch it up or??

  4. By front raises, he means take either single or double dumbells, and standing upright or sitting upright in a chair(prob do standing), and keeping arms straight, raise your arms in front of you to about chin height. Don't try to be overzealous with the weight on this one, cuz if you do, your form will suck and or you won't be able to do it. Use realitively light weight, to start try 10's. You will be surprised how heavy it is. Change it up when you get bored, progress slows, etc.

  5. exactly, it's a shoulder exercise. There are many different ways to do this, I do them standing but that doesn't mean doing them another way is wrong. Do this routine as long as you want man I've been doing it for over 3 months



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