Upper/Lower question! Please Help!

  1. Upper/Lower question! Please Help!

    Ok, so I have heard people do a 4 day a week scheduele like this:


    However, for me it seems like to much if I workout 2 days in a row. I have also heard its good to take a day off, after a day of training. Dont know it this it true? SO, I was thinking what if you just went everyother day with the Upper/Lower priciple. ex:



    basically going upper/lower everyother day so you get a day of rest everyworkout? Anyone done this? Is it a good idea?

    sorry I posted this another place, and relized it wasnt the right place!

  2. Don't forget that by working out upper/lower 2x per week, you should cut your per workout volume in half compared to the standard 1x per week BB split.

    Other than that, I see nothing wrong with working out every other day, if that's what it takes for you to be able to push hard the next workout.

  3. well, what do you think about the first way? Goin monday/tuesday then thurday/friday?

    heres my routine as of now...


    Here it is, done 4x a week. Done, Monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday so, I have wednesday and weekends off. Im doing H drol while on this routine.

    Monday= Upper Heavy rep range 4-8

    Bench x3
    Dips x3
    Rows x4
    Shrugs x4
    BB curls x3

    Tuesday=Lower Hyper rep range 6-12

    Deads x3
    Lunges x4
    Calve Raises x3
    AB work

    Thursday=Upper Hyper rep range 6-12

    Incline DB x3
    Flies x3
    Upright rows x4
    Military x3
    Tri ext. x3
    Hammer Curls x3

    Friday=Lower Heavy rep range 4-8

    Squat x3
    Leg Curls x3
    Calve raises x3
    Ab work

  4. Looks solid, though I would substitute the iso lifts w/ compound lifts. Like SLDLs for leg curls, close grip chins for curls, etc.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ShakesAllDay View Post
    Looks solid, though I would substitute the iso lifts w/ compound lifts. Like SLDLs for leg curls, close grip chins for curls, etc.
    awsome, will do some rearranging.

  6. Its not really, "if I can push hard" cause I could probably everyday, however, I thought your body needed a day off after a workout day to repair


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