Just a personal trainer having fun! Enjoy!

  1. Lightbulb Just a personal trainer having fun! Enjoy!

    So, as a personal trainer im constantly coming up with new routines to keep things fresh and keep the world of muscle confusion at full throtle. I came up with this weekly body split for those of which (like myself) who got in that cramp of working out each body part once per week. I think there is a similar version of this in muscle and fitness but homemade is always better! each week one muscle group will be worked twice per week. putting some good strain on that muscle. than the following three weeks that muscle group will go back to once per week to prevent overtraining. arms will always be worked only once but you can adapt my program if you wish to work them twice over another muscle.

    Wk 1 M T W Th F
    Chest Legs Arms/Delts Back/Traps Chest

    Wk2 Legs Back Arms/Delts Chest Legs

    Wk3 Back Chest Arms/Delts Legs Back

    Wk4 Repeat wk 1

  2. hmm when i posted that it came out all jammed up

    just follow the Chest, Legs, Arms,Back, Chest

    Legs, Back, Arms, Chest, Legs

    Back, Chest, Arms, Legs, Back

    there that should be a little easier to follow

  3. Why not do week four of arms twice a week? or is that cuz your like... assuming your already hittin them with chest(tri's) and back (bi's) ?

    i just read your whole post lol nvm...

    looks solid but i would be scared to lose my gains from week 1 to week 3 because your body never got fully adapted to that routine... it seems to be changing a lil too much. but it might work... its good tho that its changing because you can easily prevent overtraining of one body part because the next two weeks its "off" from the 2 days of workout
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