Failure workout vs Countdown workout.. question?

  1. Failure workout vs Countdown workout.. question?

    This may be weird or not a reasonable workout for some.. but I have a 10 lb bar with about 55 pounds of weight.. giving me about 65 lbs to work with..

    I kinda created a workout system that I think will work. When I played football our coaches made us do a "countdown to glory" system where we would do 15 push ups and then do 14 push ups, then do 13, push ups, all the way to 1. I took this a step further with my bar and do 10 over head presses, curls, power cleans, and tricep curls. Is this a decent way to get cut and build muscle? I also do my ab routine, dips, and push ups this way.. leaving me completely EXHAUSTED IF I make it through the whole thing..

    I also thought about simply doing failure x 3 with each exercise.. but when I do those I always "feel" as if I can go more..


  2. I'd say you need more weight, till then jus kill it. better than nothing. Whatever tears it the most for ya. But try to get more weights, you can only progress so far strength and size wize with 65 pounds.

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