Question on lifting

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    Question on lifting

    Is it possible to work each muscle group 2x weekly? I remember someone mentioning it ,but didn't get there schedule. If it is would you please tell me your workout plan?

  2. There are several ways to train a muscle twice weekly. The most popular is probably a basic push/pull routine, with legs back and bis on Mon and Thurs, and chest, shoulders, tris Tues and Fri. Or vice versa.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. bill starrs 5x5 is a great beginner program to working muscles twice a week. westside is also twice a week, same with DC(kinda), and like bonscott said push/pull

  4. mine is

    M - chest/tri's/front and mid delts (barbells/compound preferred)
    T - back/bi's/rear delts (barbells/compound preferred)
    W - legs/forearms
    Th - chest/tri's/front and mid delts (dumbells/isolation preferred)
    F - back/bi's/rear delts (dumbell/isolation preferred)

  5. at 6'4 185 i would opt to get on a program that focus' on the big lifts. I would stay away from most isolation work. I also don't see any problem with hitting a "muscle" twice a week, but i would not look at it as hitting muscles. Try and start getting stronger at the bench, incline, overhead press, squat, deadlift, bent row, barbell curl, dip, pullup, and so on. Try doing two upper and lower days a week. Put deads in the lower day, you could also do back in the lower day if you can handle it. Keep your volume moderate, i would not do 5x5 because it is going to be alot of volume for an exercise and you are not going to be focusing on one exercise a day. I would try somethig like this.

    Day 1
    incline 3x5-8
    dips 3x10 hang weight if you need to
    rear delts 3x12
    barbell curls 3x10
    skull crushers 3x10

    Day 2
    squats 3x5-12
    lunges 3x10-12
    chins or pullups 6 sets of various grips

    Day 3
    dumbell flat 3x10
    Close grip bench 3x8-10
    standing military 2x8
    dumbell curls 3x10
    tri pushdowns 2x15

    day 4
    deads 3x5
    hack squats 2x20
    bent rows 3x8
    GMs 2x10

    this is completely off the top of my head. But it address' everything. Their are things i do a little diffently but i am not trainig for aesthetics. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on what you should do, but I would staty away from the typical bodybuilder split, one day a week routine. The key to you getting bigger and stronger is adding weight to the bar every week and being conistent with your diet and training. If you are consistent and you do the basics and try and increase weight every week you will get bigger and stronger unless you are starving yourself.

  6. Davidlee
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    What exercises for front, mid, and rear delts?

  7. front delts - military press, front DB raises
    side delts - wide grip upright rows (has to be wide grip), side DB raises
    rear delts - face pulls, rear DB raises

  8. hey man. sorry its taken so long to get back to you. novedex xt will work fine but its a knock off to the real stuff. look for "Nolvadex" not novedex. its a close difference. if you need a source pm me.

  9. no disrespect suncloud but military press primarily works the medial deltoid. not anterior.


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