Pinched nerve?

  1. Pinched nerve?

    Every now and then I get this numb feeling in my upper back on the left side. sometimes I'll have pain there, but it's mostly just numbness. It's been going on and off for awhile. Should I be worried or is it probably nothing to worry about?

  2. Do you have insurance?

  3. Yeah, although it's hard to get an appointment with my doctor and I don't know how to switch doctors. All my doctor will basically tell me is not to workout knowing him. Once he told me "I don't know why you need to workout, I think your strong enough". STUPID! I just have the ****ty doctor my insurance assigned and I don't know anything about working with insurance since I've never had to make any decisions like that yet. Luckily I have a friend that deals with insurance. My insurance doesn't even cover chiropractors if your over 21.

  4. IDK in your back??? A arm or leg could be loss of circulation, but in your back??? When does this occur, is it after a specific workout? I'd probably just work through it, but I hate doctors. I can't recommend that for anyone. MRI or CAT scan or whatever they would have to do to see nerve damage might be expensive on ya. Even with insurance. Find yourself a rehabilitation place, or a doctor that is more specialized in sports injurys etc. Going to some old school jackass that doesn't understand our pursuit for beef won't wanna dig anymore than they have to. Yea prob. just tell you to stop lifting for awhile and see if it stops. If you find someone who knows sports injurys and how to treat them, and what causes them, you will find your fountain of youth. lol. If they say your ok, I'd say work through it then. I'd haveta be dying lol, before I went to the damn doctor.

  5. Back pain is from strain.You have to workout=strech to loosen area.Try heating pad post workout.Id go light.Cissus is great for joints.

  6. I'm taking GNC TriFlex that includes MSM and Sam-e that seems to help my low back a little. Only been taking it for 2 weeks or so.


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