How sore is too sore?

  1. How sore is too sore?

    When I workout my legs the next day they are sore and a little stiff throughout the day, but when the day comes to work them again Sometimes they are alittle stiff sometimes they aren't. This does not happen with my arms, chest or back.

  2. As long as you warm them up properly and leave sufficent time for them to heal they should be fine. Im no expert but I think while your legs are still stiff and your upper body isnt is because the legs are a much larger muscle group and need more time to recover. But as long as you leave enough time for the to heal, at least 48 hours they should be ok. Its ok to work through pain lol

  3. How much rest do your legs get? Or how far apart are your leg routines, including your deads as well. If you are hitting it again before you have recovered you are overtraining in my book. I give, as of right now 8 days. Thats for all my bodyparts. Have done more and less, but if you are actually still weak, sore, swollen etc from the previous workout, you need to rest more before you hit it again. It sounds like you are experiencing normal soreness, but could actually prob have hit it harder. Not knocking anything, just I'm used to hurting like hell after squats. The first day is like a warning of the following day 2, 3, -nd 4. Ik your just starting out so thats cool. Lol I get so damn sore, ima crane operator and it kills climbing the outriggers to get in. By far thou, I mean thighs get bad along with lower back, which pulls you down and can make me lethargic, but omg my calves.... Had them so sore before I couldn't walk. Literally. They were stuck in a permanent flex... LIKE A CRAMP FOR DAYS. i could sit and slowly stretch them out n get them moving so i could walk, but it took 30 min ta do it. Then, soon as I sat down, wham, locked up n even when I was able to walk it hurt bad..... Thats too sore.

  4. Lol 48 hrs to heal? From what, like one set of extensions? Are you Wolverine?

  5. I work my legs ever other day, so every 48 hours I work my legs. I usually start my workout between 7-10pm, depending on if I go out somewhere or not or I have to be somewhere. The stiffness is always in my quads and no where else, except sometimes my glutes but that's rare.

  6. i'm such a *****

    i done legs 5 days ago and there still slightly sore

    but that was 10/10 squats and i hadn't done legs in almost a month heh
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  7. Legs are usually the sorest two days after. Rofl

  8. you deffinitely need to ramp up the volume a little and intensity alot, then rest a hell of alot more than 48hrs. 48hrs later you should be sore as hell. doing something like that for a quick shock is okay, but for your norm, you need more rest and seems more input to you workout, that way your output keeps coming with gains.

  9. yeah, i hit legs once a week and crush em'. beat the piss out of them you know? the next day they start to get sore, but really just feel like dead weight. it's 2 days after that the real deep down soreness sets in, that lasts for another day and half or so, then they start feeling better.. by the time leg day rolls around, they are 100% ready to go. not to mention, mentally, i am charged up and ready to get after it again.

  10. legs eod is waaay to much


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