hurt my back..

  1. hurt my back..

    Okay, I have lifted seriously and played sports for 10+ years now.. Never really taken anytime off besides a week or two here and there.. This weekend I woke up and my back was sore and it just felt like I slept on it wrong.. I didnt workout that day or sunday.. Woke up today and it felt fine, went to the gym.. Did my whole chest workout no problems.. Got on the treadmill for cardio and was doing fine in my 3mile run till I got to 1.75miles. I got an INTENSE pain in my lower right back and immediately stopped.. Went to work hoping it would get better but it only got worse..

    It hurts to sit down, hurts to breathe in or out, and it feels like my back will randomly sieze up and cause immense pain every 10-15min for a second or two.. I went to the doc and they said I probably pulled a muscle and gave me some muscle relaxers and I was on my way..

    I can take pain very good, but this is intense.. And i HOPE the doc was right but just want to get some more opinions.. They did no x-rays on me either.

  2. Did you go to a GP or a chiro. If you have a chiro, I would see him. It's hard to pull a muscle sleeping, it sounds like you have pinched something. A GP is pretty useless in these type situations. A lady I work with has been having serious shoulder pains lately, went to a doc for a cortisone shot. I recommended seeing a chiro, and she went to one I didn't recommend. The chiro didn't take x rays, and uses twisting and weird maneuvers to make adjustments. It didn't get better, so she went to another doc. He thought it was a torn bicep muscle at the shoulder. gave some pain meds, still not getting better. Went to another doc and took an x ray and has a pinched nerve in her neck. The doc just wanted to give anti-inflammatories, but do nothing to "un-pinch" the nerve. I gave her my sports chiro's name and said she needed to see him. I don't know how it's possible if you have a pinched nerve that it "releases" itself with medication and without manipulating your spine to release it. Apparantly some docs think it can. I have had several nasty pinched nerves in my back, once from doing bent over rows, on rep12 of a set, something relaxed, back cracked, and felt like a knife went into my side. Last time, deadlifting, on rep 6-7, nothing crazy, crack and knife in the side. Doc adjusted me, released the pinch, then electro stim for the "hurt" muscle around the injury. The key is finding a "GOOD" chiro.

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