Tricep question

  1. Tricep question

    Hey guys, this is probably going to seem like a bit of a noob question but I'm keen to know...

    When I work my triceps, its obviously most difficult and I get the most strain out of moving the weight from a relaxed angle. Ie with the forearm and bicep touching. I only do 2 tricep isolation excersises and both are with cables.

    I guess my question is ultimately: How much of an arc should I be doing to maximize my tricep workout and whether doing short arcs changes the way the muscle develops/is shaped.
    Also, some tricep excersise suggestions you think are best? There are a tonne and I dont really know which ones to do to isolate/get the most out of working my triceps.

    Cheers for your time.


  2. Start off with some barbell close grip bench presses. These will also hit you inner chest.

    Then do some lying dumbell two arm skull crushers. Use a flat bench or decline. Or do a laying one arm dumbell skull crusher using a very heavy weight. I like doing these to specifically focus on just the negatives while using my free hand as the spotter and to also force the positive. Sometimes Ill even go futhur and superset them with feet raised, hands behind the back, weighted dips.

    Finish off with a cable exercise...rope push downs or one arm cable kickbacks. You will get more out of using the free weights but its best to combine the free weights and cable exercises. Works great for me. The choice of exercises may not necessarily work the best for you but its all trial and error.

  3. Ok thanks - I'll be sure to do that.
    But what about the length of the arc? Do you sorta know what I mean?

  4. i go from 90 degrees to extension. with regards to exercises, i vary grips to hit the three tricep heads - overhand/underhand/parallel. an example would be overhand - CG bench, parallel - bar dips, underhand - reverse grip cable pulldowns.

  5. Like others have said, close-grip bench, skull crushers, dips & dumbbell kickbacks. Once in a blue moon I'll do some overhead extensions or press downs with the rope attachment if I feel like blowing them out.

  6. Ok, so doing a larger arc than 90 degrees to full extension isnt going to change anything?

    Could you shout me specific examples to target each head? that would be sweet. cheers.

    One other quick question while were on the topic of muscles (seems a common thing on these forums.. :P)
    The best excersises to develop the upper pec? Benchpress?


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