Total Newb here plz help

  1. Total Newb here plz help

    Ok, so basically I am 27, have a RIDICULOUSLY fast Metabolism (Can't gain weight to save my life), am 5'7" and am stuck at 140ish.

    My goal is to get to 160ish and be incredibly cut.

    As of right now I have some decent definition and whatnot, but I know where I want to be.

    So as a newb who isn't familiar with 90% of all the junk people are talking about on this forum, what would people say are the best supplements, diet, and exercises to progress towards this goal?

  2. Don't hope to be incredibly cut after 20 pounds, that will come later. You're going to need about 5-6 meals a day aimed around 3700 cals a day (just an estimate). Get some protein, creatine, fish oil, multi v; the staples. For training, in my opinion, you need to develop a strong foundation first with some strength training, then move on to a hypertrophy cycle (you're going to get a lot of different opinions on that).

    Quote Originally Posted by MessianiChris View Post
    So as a newb who isn't familiar with 90% of all the junk people are talking about on this forum
    Anything you need explained, just throw it out there.

  3. get yourself a quality protien

    Like stated above, eat. I would personally shoot for closer to 4500 cals, and dont be afraid to have a double cheeseburger now and again. Try to keep your protien at 1.5-2 per lb weight, and I like to have it in 20-40 gram increments. Make friends with natural peanut butter, and brown rice. As far as training goes, a 5x5 program is always a healthy start, google it if you are unclear as to what it entails. Realize that you will likely put on a bit of fat before you get "incredibly cut", and that is totally normal. As far as supps go, get yourself a quality protien, some fish oil, multivitamin, and maybe a creatine, and there are others as well. After you have done all that, and been patient, and put on some quality weight, you can graduate to other supps, after you research the sh!t out of them. Good luck.

  4. man, i'm too rushed to post a link right now, but overload your calories. if you have a very fast metabolism, you won't gain much fat, and all of that can be stripped off later by fine tuning your diet and cardio. for now, the 20 pound goal is your only goal. when i was around your weight, 4k calories was barely enough calories for me to see any gains, so work yourself up to 4k, and then to 5k. at 5k, i really saw the results i was looking for. keep in mind though, that if you gain weight, you have to increase your calories to maintain that weight gain and still have enough excess calories to bulk.

    half and half did the trick on breaking my system into a massive calorie surplus. as mentioned earlier, double cheeseburgers won't hurt either.

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