cardio fasted AM/ weights 12:30 or other way around?

  1. cardio fasted AM/ weights 12:30 or other way around?

    Well Im fortunate enough to be able to workout early in the morning, and then from 11:45 till 1:30... I have been doing my cardio in the AM which is usually 4-6 miles, and 3000m swim using side stroke.. also do my pullups/abs/pushups in the morning. I usually have a protein shake and a SMALL meal between cardio and lifting at 11:45. Is there anything else I need to be doing or do I need to reverse how im doing it now?


  2. do cardio first. there are three systems in which your body burns fat. first off it takes the food out of your stomach and burns it as fuel. than it takes the glycogen stores out of the muscle cell body and uses that as fuel than it burns the fat off your body. if you do cardio first thing in the morning you have no food in your stomach, and no glycogen stores cause you used em overnight to fuel yourself. so you use fat. do cardio first with 20g whey and some black coffee. than do weight lfiting later.

  3. I have been doing fasted lifting in the am for a while now. I have been recouping a broken hand since May 7. I typically haven't been doing PR's or anything, just trying to maintain as much as possible. I lift 2 exercises, 3-4 good sets per bodypart, 2x/week. Not a ton of strength increases except for what has been lacking with the cast. been out of the cast for 3 seeks and slowly adding some more weight. Also doing a CKD so by end of the week leg day pretty much sucks. I just try to keep up the pace, and some days have 30 min left for cardio, most days it's only 15-20min. Prior to the CKD, I was just carb cycling, 200g high day, 100g day,and a 50-60g day. It worked out a little better energy wise. I have my breakfast at 8am after showering up and getting to work.

  4. i prefer fasted cardio then go home and have a meal no shake before cardio u want to be in fasted shape. protein turns into carbs source in the body thru glucogenesis, same reason i dont recomened BCAA just leucine is good enough

  5. i did this last quater while i was dieting mixing school gym and work


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