1. Forward.

    I have to hand it to you. Your lifestyle, and training, is coming along nicely and deserves some gratification. The way you live, and train, and eat, eludes most people, and you should feel good to know that you move mountains compared to most people.

    This is a Art you know- Bodybuilding that is. You are a artist, and your body is your canvas, and the way you live is your chisel that with everyday (with extreme and intense precision) you carve your masterpiece.. And just by being yourself.

    It all comes through in the design - every minute you spend sacrificing comes through, all of the perseverance, the humility, the responsibility, the strict dieting, the constant motion to perfect your lifestyle day by day.. All these lessons you have practiced on a daily basis are starting to manifest into reality, and onto your canvas. When people look at you, they sense the knowledge you have gained from all of this, from all the lessons you have learned, and most of the time the thought of this, dare I say, scares them.

    The Gym has been apart of your life for a while now.. Like I said, it shows. Hey what do you know? Eating good, training hard, and looking forward happened to pay off after all.. And now you have a diet most people would fear..

    How many times have you fallen down and gotten back up now? How many times have you forced yourself to go to the gym, even though the entire world was on your back, and some how found refuge and fulfillment? Maybe you are going crazy. But you just can't lay off that iron, can you?

    We know why you are here though- at the gym. We know you can't really put into words why you are here, of course there is the long list of positive health related evidence, but you realized the one thing the rest of the world has failed to notice- When training is good, Life is good. Think about that some more, dive back deep if you have to, and realize it's true. For some reason, this is the place where time turns into space (the gym), and training has always somehow not only reflected itself through you, but through your entire life - it's beginning to take on forms outside of the body. Life is just better when your training. I can't explain why, it just is.

    By conflict we release energy from mass, and send it from a potential state to a kinetic state. And that's basically what we are doing the entire time. You are just addicted to it. Controlling conflict, putting ourselves through obstacles, and learning at our own pace, and progressing and constantly pulling and pushing ourselves forward. It's what we do all the time, you just choose to do it more than most people, and it comes out, physically, in the form of your body.

    Living a lifestyle free of constraint is instantly rewarding. When we train, we feel free, time slips away, and everything just gets better, suddenly you can't stop enjoying everything.

    Sometimes we fall, but you know how to get back up. Even when your on the wrong track, your on the right track. It's by opposition that we learn, it's by putting down the weights that we learn to miss them, and learn their true value, and by watching life decline as our training declines, we realize why we train. Because every time life was good, the weights were there. Why does there always seem to be something in the way between us and the gym though? It's always so hard to wake up and start training, even if the gym is in your living room. But you realize, there is work to be done, and you know why.

    Go get back in the Gym, it closes in 2 hours.

    Keep your eye on the sky, and hand on the throttle.

  2. Good start. This passage definitely needs some editing if you're using it as a forward in a book. The message is a good one though. I'm sure that if you sharpen some of the edges and polish some of the structure that you'll have a fantastic beginning to whatever you are working on.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

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