Benefit of inv rows to bent bb rows?

  1. Benefit of inv rows to bent bb rows?

    Is there any benefit to doing inverted rows if you can do bent over bb rows over bodyweight?

  2. I think the inverted rows offer more options for performance of the movement. With BB rows there seems to be a limited groove of where you can pull the bar up to your chest/abs. With the inverted rows I can go elbows in and pull up to my upper abs for more middle back work or elbows out to hit the rear delts and upper back harder.
    For pure size/strength the BB row is probably better, but the inverted rows may be better to target a specific area or if you don't want to tax your low back.

  3. Depends on how you do the BB rows. I tend to row more of a Yates style and pull to my stomach which really puts the strain on my lats. If you do it like that inv rows can be very useful for building your upper back as well as for scapular and shoulder stability.

  4. All sounds rational. You guys think that they are complimentary and you should just add the inv rows into the mix or swap out bent rows for a month and add inv rows?

  5. Inverted rows aren't particularly intense or draining, so I would just throw them into the mix as needed. If you just want a little extra upper back work, just do a couple sets at the end of every workout. If you really want maximum size and strength, I wouldn't drop the BB rows for any significant length of time.

  6. I think that if you can do bb bent-over rows over your body weight, than there is no reason to mess with inverted rows (in my opinion). Bent over rows with enough weight is one of the most inclusive back exercises, in reference to muscle recruitment. If you want to change it up a little bit, try doing T-bar rows.


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