Need some help making a new routine.

  1. Need some help making a new routine.

    I currently do one bodypart per day, except wednesday it's legs/tris. My goal is to confuse the muscles each week so I'm not going to use the same movements. I want to do a weekly rotation; any recommendations?

    Monday: Back

    Dumbbell Bent-Over Row - Machine Row?
    Machine Pulldown - ???
    Plate-loaded Bent-Over Row - ???

    Tuesday: Bis

    Standing Barbell Curl - ???
    Incline HammerCurl - ???
    Concentration Curl - ???

    Wednesday: Chest

    Flat Barbell Bench - Dumbbell Flat Bench ???
    Incline Barbell Bench - Incline Dumbbell Bench ???
    Cable Flys - Dumbbell Flys ???

    Thursday: Legs/Tris

    Squat - Front Squat???
    Machine Leg Curl - ???
    Plate-Loaded Calf Raise - Machine Calf Raise (I'll probably do both of these every week)

    Cable Triceps Extension - ???
    Cable Pushdown - ???
    Dumbbell Triceps Extension - ???

    Friday: Shoulders/Traps

    Shoulder Press - Military Press ???
    Arnold Press - ???
    Cable Upright Row - ???
    Dumbbell Shrug - Barbell Shrug ???

    Saturday/Sunday: off

  2. You didn't mention what your goals are for this routine, but on the surface it seems just "ok". You don't mention how many sets you are going to do with each exercise, so it looks like Quads and Hams (and to a lesser extent Lower Back) don't have enough direct work in your routine. Maybe throw in one or two more exercises for quads and hams. That's my 2 cents.

  3. I go 5-6 sets per exercise with reps looking like this: 12,10,8, 6, 6 and either one more heavy set or a go to failure set. How could my routine be tweaked to be more effective? Also, I'm cutting right now; but I want something I can use for a bulk afterwards. As of eight now, I'm doing zero cardio because the pounds are melting away fast enough on the ckd diet.


  4. Is there a reason you do legs and tris on the same day instead of just an arm day? I always find my arm days to get lame if i cant make the whole arm burn.

  5. If you want to try something totally different instead of isolating one body part a day. Try doing something like push exercises 2 day a week and pull exercises 2 days a week (4 sets of 8 reps)

    Back squat
    Incline DB bench press
    DB Lat. raises
    Lying tricep extension w/ EZ bar
    Leg extensions
    Pec Deck
    Reverse grip tricep pulldown


    Romanian Deadlifts
    Straight bar bicep curls
    BB Shrugs
    DB rows
    Stability Ball Leg curls
    Conc. Curls
    Reverse Delt. Flyes

    Pull: Back, Bis, Hamstrings, Glutes, Traps

    Wed: Day off

    Thurs: Pushes

    Fri: Pull

    Sat and Sun: off

  6. yeah, for cutting I'll go to upper/lower split and hit weights hard and heavy to preserve strength. I'll also superset antagonistic bodyparts to keep metabolic rate up.


    **. DB bench 4x5
    A2. Bent BB row 4x5
    B1. Dip 4x8
    B2. WG pullup 4x8
    C1. Skullcrusher 3x10
    C2. BB curl 3x10

    For legs I usually alternate one squat oriented day and one deadlift oriented day, calves both days.

    This routine has worked great for times I've cut in the past, just dont get sloppy with your cardio.


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