Shrugs or upright rows?

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  1. deads are partially used in PC.

  2. Mhmmm mmm! Olympic lifts!! Gotta love em!

  3. heavy deads and hang power cleans all the way.

  4. [ame=""]YouTube - Maryland Football Strength and Conditioning[/ame]

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JassUSMC View Post
    I remember years ago when I followed a Bodybuilder style of training (Lots of Isolation exercises), then moved to Powerlifting...

    Shrugs never did anything for me. Infact, I saw way more growth (muscle and strength) powerlifting. I havent done a Bicep curl in probably a year, and my arms are the biggest they've been, all from compound lifts, bodyweight exercises, and a lot of hanging, and static holds (dip bars).

    When I powerlifted, my traps got HUGE from upright rows. They are now bigger from Oly lifts.
    word bro power cleans made my traps huge

  6. close grip upright rows ftw


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