Looking for a good response!

  1. Looking for a good response!

    Right now i'm currently bulking, I'm trying to come up with a routine where I can incorporate some good lifts such as clean and presses.
    I don't want to do 5x5 but for more of a 4 day split
    I guess you can say 'power building'

    How would a decent/good split look like?

    I beleive this would be good, Some guy made it, I like how it's layed out also, I feel the way I'm eating right now (close to 3000 calories) I will be fine, Under-eating = Over-training ;]

    Monday: (chest)

    >Flat bench 65-85% 1rep max @ 8 sets of 5 reps
    >Incline or decline (we alternate since my shoulders can't handle it every week) 65%-85% 5x5
    >Flat DB press 3x5-7
    >DB flys 3x8-10

    Tuesday Bis)
    >Straight bar curls 7x7
    >Incline DB curls 5x7-10
    >Concentration curls 3x7-10 Super Setted with standing hammer curls 3x7-10

    Wednesday Legs)
    >Squats 7x5 (65-85% 1rep max)
    >Flat bench leg lifts 4-5x25

    Thursday Tris)
    >Weighted dips 7x5-10
    >Skull crushers (EZ bar) 5x7-10 super setted w/ overhead DB tri ext 5x7-10
    >Laying one arm DB check breakers (not sure what this is called...) 3x7-10

    Friday back)
    >Straight bar deadlifts, 7-8x5 (65-85% 1rep max)
    >Wide grip pullups 7-8x5
    >Chin-ups 5x5

    Saturday shoulders, upper back)
    >Clean and press 7-8x5 (65-85% 1rep max)
    >Arnold press 5x5-7 super setted w/ one arm rows at 5x7-10
    >Rev flys 3x10

    Sunday (off)

  2. Wendlers 5/3/1

    It's a simple basic 4 day per week powerbuilding program where you can incorporate pretty much any exercise you want.

  3. you want a 4 day split, but outlined a 6 day split. i'm confused, which happens more often the older i get...

  4. You do more sets for biceps than thighs? Seriously, rethink this split.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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