Help with chest workout and sculpting

  1. Help with chest workout and sculpting

    I don't understand my chest. I've been working on my chest for a long time and it's still kinda flabby and puffy around the nipple area and upper chest area. I squeeze these areas and all I feel is skin. There's nothing under it. What kind of workout should I do to tighten up the skin?

  2. i feel the same i work out my chest but i cant seem to have it pop out like i want. still puffy nips a bit around lower chest.

  3. Age how long you been working out, diet... we need alot more than what you wrote... whats your workout look like? Genetics come into play alot of times about how your chest develops... but if your 14 your probably just going threw puberty hahah
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  4. I'm 18 and I've been working out for two years now. I normally do flat bench presses and incline bench presses but now I only do inclines twice a week. As for dieting, I eat everything bit I try my best to eat healthy.

  5. If you have a puffy chest or flabby lower chest it is most likely due to two things: bodyfat % and of course genetics. I genetically have lower chest fat as well. If you want to lose it, lower the bodyfat percentage, meaning get on a strict diet + cardio. If you really want it bad,... youll go on a strict diet. Once you get your BF down to a certain point, if your diet remains constant, you shouldn't have to keep doing any cardio.

    "Sculpting" wise,... keep the presses, and "brush" up as much as possible on form, and higher the reps, 10+. Add in some dips, and deep DB flys, and you should be good to go.

    I think leaning out is the biggest improvement you could make right now,........if you are THAT concerned about the BF in your chest area.

  6. Davidlee
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    I have found that squeezing exercises help most to shape your chest nicely. Even though Im no pro and not even built. I have only been working out for a short term and I have good results. DUmbell Flys and inclined flys... Try them. Do them Slow and squeeze once you get to the top. If your in need for examples I can post you a link to youtube vid I learned perfect form by for flys.


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