First off Id like to give a shout out to all AM members. Many members post are very informative and inspirational.

Im a 21 year old male @ a height of 5''11 and 200 Lbs.

Recently this has been my daily workout. I workout 6 times week and my diet is low carb- high protein around 2300-2600 calories daily.(3 protein shakes w/ skim milk is included) started lifting again 3 weeks.

My goal is to get lean muscle(ripped) and lose some weight. I was hoping for 175-180 with 6-7% body fat. right now im around 15-17% but i just started swimming last week, which i loose tons of weight from doing.

This is an outline of my workout routine.

Morning - I do 15 minutes HITT training on the bike then I do 12 110 yard dashes. Alternate jogging/ sprinting, on the 1 minute interval. Or i will do 16 10 yard sprints.

Noon- Nap

5:00 pm- Swimming, for an hour and half Usually a sprint practice that contains heart rate ranging from 160-190+ and around 3,500-4,500 Yards (Use to be a very good swimmer, college athlete)

7:00 PM- Lifting

This is where I could use some advice on my reps/ sets for my goals.

Day 1:

4X8 - DB Bench
4X8 - DB butterflies
4X8 - DB Pullover
4X8 - DB Incline
4X8 - Front Lat pull downs

Day 2:

Back/ shoulders

4X8 DB military press
4X8 Dead lift
4X8 Rows w/ machine
4X8 Standing Single DB lateral and frontal raises
4X8 Shrugs

Day 3:

Biceps / triceps

4X8 Close grip bench press
4X8 Bar curls (with the short curly bar)
4x8 Triceps pull down w/ machine
2X8 DB curls 2 X8 DB lateral chest curls..- when you curl with DB but you bring the DB towards your opposite pec.
4X8 DB triceps
4X8 Lawnmowers

Day 4:


4X8 Squat
4X8 power clean
4X8 leg press
4X8 step ups w/ weight
4X8 Stationary Box DB Lunges

Day 5:
is either back to day 1, or an off day for lifting. But i continue the cardio and HITT training.

1 rotation is 4X8
next is 4X10
then 4X12
last 4X15
back to 4X8 + more weight last time

After I lift I do jump rope for 3-5 minutes alternating tempo, then I do an ab workout for 10 minutes. Do this twice.

Then i do 15 minutes of HITT biking.

Sorry if some of my exercise names are not named perfectly.

I just started taking some supplements as WHEY protein/ Recreate/ lean FX. Today i had some crazy energy and felt like throwing the weights through the the ceiling.

Some questions Im interested in are.

1. What can I do to my workout for maximum results.

2. What other supplements should i look into and get more information on.