Arms hurt after dips and extensions

  1. Arms hurt after dips and extensions

    So every time I do dips or extension, the second I let go of the bar and take whatever pressure of my arms, they hurt like crazy. And no, not the burning feeling, but rather a really uncomfortable painful feeling, for about 2-5 seconds. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone know what this is?

  2. I get it when I bench. After I do my reps and rack the bar, as soon as I begin to release my grip I get an aching that travels all the way down my upper arms. Sometimes I also get it when I lower the bar to my chest quickly. Slow heavy reps don't seem to cause the pain, however. I don't know what it is but it sure sucks!

  3. One work my friends. TENDONITIS! or broken down to lamens terms..the swelling of the tendon. I love being a personal trainer haha there is one way to fix this and one way to depelete the pain while lifting. the only way to fix it...dont use it, so the tendon can reattach to the bone. the way to relieve the pain..get some wrist wraps and wrap em up tight while youre doing the lifts that hurt. id suggest you dont do dips for 3-4 weeks. their a crappy exercise anyways. do cable crossovers instead for chest or pushdowns for tri's. mor effective and shouldnt hurt ya. again..the word of the day is...TENDONITIS.

  4. Yep, dips are really hard on the tendons. Had lots of shoulder/neck chiropractic issues from them as well. I'd drop them from your regular routine and only add them back in once in a great while at most.

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