Next day leg soreness

  1. Next day leg soreness

    I don't always mind the soreness that follows a good workout cuz I know I did a good job. But when it comes to legs, they'll be sore for at least half a week, no matter how steadily I train. I end up walking around like I just got out of a gay bath house. And then when I go to martial arts class, I get killed from the warm ups.

    Is there anything that can be done to lighten the pain and tightness without cutting back on the training?

  2. What's more important to you, weight lifting or martial arts? weight lifting or walking around normally?

    I feel your pain though. I took a 2 week hiatus from body uhh, get loaded and get, and then i came back and worked out my hamstrings, which I never really work out and GAH. I'm walking around like Forest Gump with the braces, legs are totally stiff and sore and I don't want to bend the knee at all.

    But - I love it. It makes me feel like a man, like I really did a good workout, and I like to think other people notice I'm sore and think that I work out which is a self esteem booster to me.

    Oh, and also...after the first day or so, I love walking around all stupidly. I think it's kinda fun/funny. Doesn't bother me a bit really, except the first day I get the DOMS, but still I don't hate it.

    As far making the pain/tightness go away - I have no idea. lol, sorry.

  3. jump in the hot tub after working your legs out. that's about all that works for me.

  4. better nutrition maybe?

  5. Coming from someone who used to train in boxing/kickboxing, you are gonna have to pick one or the other. You can still do both, but one is going to have to be prioritized.

    If its only a once a week thing, then you could mess around with your w/o routine, but if it is multiple times a week, its going to be very hard to get good gains in legs, and recover, only to do multiple, intense mma sessions throughout the week.

    Not that it isnt do-able, ....but if so, your nutrition and recovery(sleep) would have to be spot on.

  6. stretch post workout and take a hot hot shower and just let the water beat on your legs.
  7. Future
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    All good advice. Bottom line you cant wear two hats like that. Scale something back.

  8. Stretch after workout. Take 10-15 minutes to stretch out your entire legs, hams, quads, calves, hip flexors, glutes, everything. Then the next day, doo some light cardio, either at gym or just take a stroll around the neighborhood. Then stretch everything out really good again. I have been focusing on getting some flexibility in my lower half for the last few weeks since I've had a broken hand. It has made a tremendous difference in how much my legs hurt after a good leg day. I would normally do legs on thurs or fri so they would be recovered by work on monday. Just keep everything stretched out and the DOMS go down drastically.


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