Alternative exercises

  1. Alternative exercises

    Hey guys, I need some help/suggestions/advice, etc... with some alternative exercises to triceps pushdown, lat pulldown, and cable crossovers. I do all my workouts in the garage and have pull-up bar, bench (adjustable), d-bells, straight bar, e-z curl bar, and resistance bands. My idea for triceps pushdown is to tie and/or hang the resistance band on the pull-up bar and do the exercise. As for the lat pulldown also hang the band and sit away from the bar and do the exercise. Any suggestions, ideas, help will be great. Thanxx

  2. If you have a pullup bar,...why even do "mock" lat pulldowns? -Pullups are better.

    If you have dumbells and a staright bar, why do a "mock" tricep pushdowns?
    -Do DB overhead extensions, skullcrushers, closegrip bench, french presses, and bench dips.

    Use the DB's for deep flys.

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