Power Cleans

  1. Power Cleans

    I just finished a workout of power cleans, squats, and mil press. This is the first time attempting power cleans since high school, so I took it real easy on the weight.

    Power Cleans
    95 x 10 x 5
    115 x 10 x 5
    135 x 5 x 5

    I have a couple issues. First, sometimes the bar hits my stomach on the way up. I'm not a fatty (size 34 waist), so I know it's probably a form issue. Also, I lack the wrist flexibilty to catch the bar on my shoulders and end up catching it in my hands.

    Any thoughts on how to correct these issues and/or pointers in general?

  2. u need to regain that flexiblity and try to bring it up close to yer body just an 1/8 in, but if your gut is way in the way cant help ya

    i cat really show u but go on utube they have some super vids of ppl with perfect fourm

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ShakesAllDay View Post
    I just finished a workout of power cleans
    Wow. I don't think my traps have been this sore in a couple of years. When I deadlift, it's usually the lower portion of the traps that are sore. Today, the upper portion (by the neck/shoulders) are sore. Mild DOMS in the rear/side delts, also.


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