Im new need all the advice i can get.

  1. Im new need all the advice i can get.

    Ok, To share a little about my self im 5/10 or 5/9 not sure lol. I weight 160 pounds usually. I just got a job at UPS couple of weeks ago and i have been sweating pretty bad so when i weight my self usually its like 153. I work out 4 days a week. My worout routine is weak when i go in i usually only know like 3 things im going to do. When i bench is warm up on 135 like 6 then i do 185 like 6 and usally for the fun of it 225 like 3 times. So i have no real pattern. I also do tricps, biceps, pull ups, chest flys. I have been working out for a while due to football but i never really got into what they had me doing i did it but didnt like it. Pound for pound i could say im pretty strong for my weight. Only because im in their alot. But that doesent mean i know what im doing i could use some good advice on a good diet for me. I dont have one i dont eat crap but i dont know what to eat is the problem. And also i decent workout routine to work all those muscles i never use would be nice. And any other information that you think would benefit me. Thank You.

  2. well how many days do you want to be in the gym? Do you want a split body routine or do you want to do full body for each workout?

    after that I can help you out alil more

  3. try the 5x5 starting strength. i think for a beginning lifter its probably the best way to go.

  4. Well im in the gym 4 days a week, and have dumbells a pull up bar at home.

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