Whats better for forearms, reverse curls or hammer curls?

  1. Whats better for forearms, reverse curls or hammer curls?

    I don't know if I should do both, because I don't want to over work my muscles.

  2. I have great success doing a set of farmers walk with what ever you can handle for a walk around the entire gym, followed by reverse curls. Forearms get a wicked pump.

  3. Overall, switching fire-arm postion and trigger points for my AR and M4 were the things that have given me the best gains with forearms. But, I will add that Hammer DB-Curls coupled with dropped-suicide sets with isolation-wrist curls will do the trick.

  4. anything that requires squeezing the hand or curling the wrist

  5. Rotation of both, plus BB wrist curls.

  6. reverse curls give my forearms a real good burn
  7. Future
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    Do them both. Rotate your exercises for variety and using different angles.


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