Need a exercise plan

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    Need a exercise plan

    Hi, I'm David and I have recently purchased some exercise equipment. What I ask is that someone puts me together a workout plan for the equipment I have. I have a bench that inclines and declines, i can also do squats with it, leg curls*?, and regular curls. I have a free weight curl barbel. I have dumbells, and a punching bag. I also have a tread mill but i prefer HIIT. Could someone please make me a weekly schedule of exercises to do with my equipment. example: monday-chest-pushups, ...,.... -3 sets of 5-8 reps.
    This is alot to ask i know but i will even send money via paypal to someone who does it.. (like 10 bucks) if thats not against forum policy..

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  3. Im an NSCA certified trainer so i'll see how quickly I can put you together one of these. I dont ask for money just give me a crap ton of rep points for haha. everyone can use rep points

    Alright first off I need to now what your goals are? exercise history? are you on meds, back, knee probs? overweight? Obese? give me some details on what were dealing with here and I can hook you up with a kick ass program! I just need to know stats and goals to personalize what were going for here.
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    I am 6'4'' 190.. want to gain mass and strength.. im on no meds and have no injuries.. im 20 and plan on playin college football at my community college i attend. thanks bro

  5. Here's what I'm doing.

    Training Routine

  6. im posting this one day at a time because my power keeps going out and i keep losing all the **** that ive already typed..

    Day One: Chest, Tri's (2 minute rests) this is important for muscle growth
    DB Incline press: 4x10,8,8,6 (go up weight, down reps on all exercises)
    DB Flat Bench press: 3x10,8,6
    DB Flye: 3x12,12,10
    Push-Ups: How many ever sets it takes you to reach 100 reps (exmpl: 10x10)
    (Minimum rest)

    DB Laying Tri Ext: 4x10,8,8,6 (these are skull crushers w/ db's)
    Overhead tri ext: 3x10,8,6
    Db Kickbacks: 3x10,8,6
    Tri Chair Dips: how ever many sets it takes you to reach 100 tri dips (minimum rest)

  7. Day Two: Legs, Calves, Abs (2 min. rests)
    BB Squats: 4x10,8,6,6
    DB Lunges: 3x10,8,8
    Leg Ext: 3x10,8,8
    Straight leg deadlift: 3x10,8,8

    Calves: find a stair or something in your house and do calve raises with nothing but your toes on the stairs. balance and use db's for more weight.

    Sit-ups: 4x50,40,30,25
    Reverse Sit-ups: 3x40,30,25
    Serratus Twists:3x 50,50,50

  8. sorry, do 3x10 reps with db's on the calve raises. one set toes straight, the next set, toes pointed out, the next set toes pointed in.

  9. Day 3: 30 minutes cardio.

    Day 4: OFF

  10. Day 5: back, Bi

    Barbell Curls: 3x10,8,8
    Alt. DB Curl: 3x10,10,8
    Hammer Curl: 3x10,8,8

    BB Bent over row: 4x10,8,8,6
    One arm db row: 3x8,8,8
    Wide Grip pullup: 4x10 (find a door way or use the bars on your cage to do these.

  11. Day 6 and 7 off
  12. Davidlee
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    Thank you very much. So I can always from here on out do this routine and then just add more weight as I progress.

  13. to be honest I wouldnt do if for more than 4-5 weeks. your body is going to start to get used to it and the gains will stop. you need to change your routine every 4 weeks.
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    change the number of sets? reps? or the order i do them? or all 3?

  15. sets, reps, the order, the exercise, rest time. change it all. its called muscle confusion. the body adapts to what you do so when you change things it shocks the body back into muscle growth.


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