Absolute Best Program For Strength?

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    Question Absolute Best Program For Strength?

    I'm not really looking for a new program but this was just a little question that popped into my head. I'm just interested to see everyone's opinion on what they think is the best program for strength gains and why. Lets see some ideas and everyone enjoy.

  2. Have you tried SFW? It has worked well for me in the past. There really is no one best program. Just eat, lift, rest, repeat.

  3. Progressive load.

  4. 5x5 or DC training adjusting rep ranges to 5/3/1. IMO.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    5x5 or DC training adjusting rep ranges to 5/3/1. IMO.
    yeah yeah, 5x5 worked well with me, I would do my first exercise in a 5x5 format (large, compound lift) then follow it up with 3 or 4 more exercise for that bodypart and keep the reps at 8-12. I'm sure theres better training methods out there but this worked well for me. But most importantly eat enough.

  6. Westside 4 day worked good for me.

  7. I actually progressed longer on rippetoe's 3x5 then on 5x5. I guess it depends on how much volume you can handle. On 5x5 I max out after 6-8 weeks, on 3x5 I can keep going for like 12-16 weeks.

  8. Westside (or the skinny-bastard version for those that can't handle as much volume)
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  9. dc for sure.


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