1. abs

    how often do you guys work your abs...and does anyone have a great program that use that theyd be willing to post?

  2. I have one, its worked wonders on me.

    Basically, make a circuit of 4-6 core exercises. You go through the circuit non stop, then rest once you finished. Do it 3 or 4 times. Heres an example:

    Weighted V-ups, 12
    Chinnies, burn out
    Plank, 60 sec
    Weighted Russian Twists, 20
    Weighted Side Extensions, 10
    Side Plank, 60 sec
    ----Repeat 3 to 4 times. Rest for one minute. No rest until you completed the last side plank.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by at1010 View Post
    how often do you guys work your abs...and does anyone have a great program that use that theyd be willing to post?
    I do Abs twice a week for ~100 reps each time. I use most weighted (i.e. rope crunch, weighted crunch, etc.) and swissball (i.e. swissball double-leg raise, swissball crunch (270 to 180 degrees, feet on wall/knees at 90 degree flexion, etc.), etc.) exercises.

    Check out my training/supplementation journal - The Female Terminator Chronicles - for examples.

    Almost anything is going to work; weighted exercises will create deeper grooves, etc.; but you need to build up the muscle and then be lean enough to see them.

    Also remember that doing compound multijoint exercises (i.e. squat, deadlift, power clean, etc.) is going to work your entire CORE, which is far better than working on your abs alone.

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  4. if u want functional abs, i like the ab wheel, they will tear ur abs up fast as well as the plank.

    besides that, front squats are good to. but u gotta have low bodyfat first.

  5. Pick some exercises that hit the lower, uppers and obliques. Do them 3 times per week. The critical factor is your diet and the most important if you want them to show.

  6. My favortive thing to do is sit down and pick two exercises per area of your core (upper and lower abs, obliques, and lower back) and I make a cycle routine cosisting of about 7 or 8 exercises and do them all for 25-40 reps circuit style. Do this four times and it will take about a half hour. I never use weight though because I don't use a belt when squatting or deadlifting so those strengthen my core enough. This is more to get that "what the fukc just happened to my stomach" feeling.


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