Ever do "Spinning"?

  1. Ever do "Spinning"?

    Here on base, we have one awesome gym. Tons of personal trainers, who have various programs going on constantly. Today for morning PT, instead of a boring 5 mile run, our squad did some Spinning...

    For those unfamiliar with spinning, it's an awesome cardio workout, probably the most amazing one i've ever experienced. Done in groups, with the leader in front. They throw on some good music with beats and tempo, and you ride the stationary bike, and get torn a new one. It was ****ing hell. There were 12 strong Marines, and one Instructor (she was a Drill Sgt, go figure).

    Throughout the hour we did it, we changed the resistance on the bikes a lot. We did the whole, "stand up and peddle" stuff. It was a total ass kick, and totally fun. It would be very probable to say ive never sweated that much in an hour. We were all drenched and dead.

    Im definently going to look into and see when there normal classes are. Along with that and Yoga. Every other day, Oly lifting and Yoga/Spinning...

    I recommend it to anyone. Spinning is by far the most taxing and most challenging, yet most fun form of cardio ever.

  2. I thought about getting one of those spinning bikes for my house a couple of years ago. I am not into the whole "class" thing.

  3. agree 100% best cardio I have gotten since high school wrestling!
    Check it out if you have a chance.

  4. Spinning is the hardest cardio I've ever done. It is great for fat burn, b/c of the continuous change in your heartrate. I've done a few on base(USAF) and it is much more demanding than running.

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