Severe Head Pain

  1. Severe Head Pain

    Hey guys,

    I was benching yesterday and i felt a kind of pop in my uper neck at the base of my skull. Then i had a severe burning throbbing headache in just the left side of my head and in my eye and face. It went away after taking some motrin and resting for a while but this morning i got up and did a pull up and almost blacked out from the pain in my head. I'm still feeling it now what could this be?

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    I've had a similar incident, turned out to be a pinched nerve. The chiropractor and a couple of weeks of light benching helped me out.

    You may still want to have the looked at by a professional though.

  3. Exertion headaches. They can honestly feel like you are dying. Took 2 weeks until I could lift anything, and then 2 weeks after that I could lift, but with slight pain. Just rest it out.

  4. really they just happen like that all the sudden, i've been lifting for a bit now and i've never had anything like this before.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by tripwired View Post
    really they just happen like that all the sudden, i've been lifting for a bit now and i've never had anything like this before.
    I had never had this either. I was benching, and struggled on last rep. Felt a sharp pain run up my neck and got a headache. Next set I was grabbing my head and praying that I was not dying. Went on for 2 weeks like this. I did learn how to lift with it though. If I went heavy and only did 4 reps, I could escape horrible pain. Chinups were a no go for me though. If you have insurance get checked out. If this is not exertion headaches, it could be something that needs medical attention quickly.

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    It's the pop that makes me think it's a pinched nerve.

  7. I had the same thing...about 4 weeks ago. Severe pain lasted about 2 weeks...and oh god, don't even think about having sex...I about died.
    After 2 weeks I could lift with ibuprofin and light pain.
    Now about 4 weeks out I am pain free again...although I do get slight hints of it from time to time during sex/extreme lifts.

    Good luck!


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