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    anyone know of any good bodybuilding DVDs? i have never purchased one thinking it might be too much of same information i can get here at AM. would anyone recommend one with good training and nutritional advice beyond beginner's information?

  2. I am not sure if there are too many DVDs of Pro bodybuilders that provide a heck of a lot of nutritional advice. Jay Cutler's videos sometimes give you some tid bits -- I found Ezekiel bread/cereal through his video. But, for example, if you watched Ronnie Coleman's video, you'd think any good bodybuilder prepares for the Olympia by eating all sorts of crap we could never get away with like BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes. lol However, if you do get a DVD of a pro, they are insanely motivating for training.

  3. mike pulcinella (sp?) made a series called raising the bar. its really good.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dropshot001 View Post
    mike pulcinella (sp?) made a series called raising the bar. its really good.
    Thanks! I lot of people have gotten much inspiration from RTB! I appreciate the mention.

  5. I just recently watched Dorian Yates "Blood and Guts" and "A week in the dungeon" with Mark Dugdale. Both very good. Very motivating. I'd love to see more Yates stuff.

  6. Don't suppose these videos cover the copious aas use?

  7. Blood and Guts = great for motivation, thinking of putting it on my phone and just listening to it while working out.

    I will have to check out a week in the dungeon.

    I have seen a few, and I dont think any have any nutritional advice at all, at most you basicly get to see what they eat on a weekly basis, and sometimes macro nutrient breakdown, Markus Ruhl - Made in Germany has a tiny bit of info, like he wont have any milk before contest.

    But pretty much what you will gather is, Rice + chicken breast + nuts + protein powder + BCAAs and the occasional steak/burger when they go out is pretty much a very typical pro BB diet.

    I think in Ronnies video I could see some Anadrol or Dianabol tablets in along with his daily pill box which he hesitantly skips past, but he does point out he is on Rx NSAIDs, kidney tablets, liver tablets and cholesterol tablets, obviously all to counter the AAS sides.


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