Sprained my lower back today...bad

  1. Sprained my lower back today...bad

    I was doing tire flips today with like 200 lb+ monster truck tires and on the 3rd set, I didn't bend down low enough and all the weight went to my lower back and I think I sprained it or something. It hurts if I just bend a lil bit forward or back now, and I'm in pain just from sitting here. Should I go see a doctor or ice it for a days or what? I need to recover soon tho cause I need to do a lot of **** next week.

    Appreciate the help.

  2. sitting down almost doubles the weight and pressure that is put on your back. if your going to do anything, hot shower for a couple of minutes then cold shower. you can also lie on your back with ice under your lower back for 20 minutes. go see the doc for christ sakes too man.

  3. When it gets to the point that you can do this without aggravating the problem, do some 45-degree back raises with just bodyweight. Focus on getting blood to your lower back. I have done this the few times I have tweaked my lower back, and it always seems to make it feel better.

  4. i had the same thing happen to me during squats.. it got to the point where it would g out almost every other week. its a lower back strain/sprain. I found that doing lowerback, hamstring, and hipflexor stretches greatlyyy helped. Now i have no pain ever

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