Pinched nerve due to overly dominate/tight back??

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    Pinched nerve due to overly dominate/tight back??

    over the past couple days ive started to get a sharp pain in my upper back, leading down my left arm leaving me unable to fully relax it as well as giving me numbness towards part of my wrist. its preventing me from lifting any upper body and am unable to squat on my leg days and overall just a real pain in my ****ing ass.

    i had xrays done and there are no subluxations, spacing between vertebrae are good, and i have the normal spinal curve. i have an MRI scheduled for friday which should show what is going on but this has come and gone a few times in 2-3 day spans over the past couple years(never this bad and usually goes away with me stretching my lats/upper back) but im now looking to find what may be causing this in the first place seeing as how this is more severe with the numbness and everything.

    my back is definitely the dominate muscle in my upper body. with straps i can easily row as much, if not more, than i can bench. im not a flexible person at all although ive never had any 'muscle' injuries due to lack of flexibility. im thinking my problem MAY be due to my dominate/tight back because of two things 1) after my chest/back day my back and arm feel great ( i love to get the full range of motion during pull ups and other lifts and often hold to get a stretch/burn as part of my workout anyway) but it feels much better and more loose after my workout and for most of the rest of the day, but tightens up at night and hurts more. 2) stretching my back has and does provide temporary relief to the pain so im thinking my back may but forcing some vertebrae to intefere with nerves in my back??

    im just looking for some insight maybe from doctors or people who have had this happen to them before. ANY advice is appreciated i know its a little bit of a long post but i honestly feel like a dog after hes been castrated because i cant fully push myself in the gym or with other activities in my life. thanks fellas

  2. Very likely a cervical intervertebral disc prolapse pressing on the nerve root. The MRI will confirm. Nearly always responds to physio and anti-inflamnatories but may recur.

    I had one at c5/6 level on right. Went away and no trouble for three years but some paraesthesia (altered feeling) in right hand last few weeks while riding my large bike.

    Sometimes we make people wear a nice White soft cervical collar. Should look great in the gym...,

    hope that helps

  3. ato ucf
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    ya i think mine is in the c5/c6 as well. i was prescribed coritco-steroids but am hesitant to take them because i just started pct with clomid, physical therapy has helped before so if and when the dr gives me go ahead to start.

    what may have caused this? it seems that this usually comes on randomly, not after any significant incident or hard lifting session.
  4. Unbreakable
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    Cervical decompression by a qualified PT or Physician can work wonders.

  5. You might want to Google "Thoracic Oultet Syndrome", although there are probably more that can cause numbness in the upper limbs.

  6. ato ucf
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    mri came back fine ... doc said pain in my elbow was probably due to tennis elbow with the inflamation pinching the c5/c6 nerve. pain in my neck could be due to the bone spur on my right side just transferring over to the left, the pain here is getting better though. just got back from PT and it does feel a lot better after a painful forearm/elbow massage.
  7. ato ucf
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    forgot to mention: doctor perscribed some corticosteroids to reduce the inflamation in my elbow, i start pct tomorrow with clomid, diesel test hardcore, and anabolic it alright to mix the corticosteroids with my pct? i have bloodwork scheduled for tomorrow morning, 2 weeks out, and then in 6 weeks once pct is done, anyone think i should wait for the results from tomorrows test or just start the c-steroids? i havent been able to lift now for several days and doesnt look like i will for another couple either so the sooner i can get on some kind of meds for this the better.

    thanks for all your input so far


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