1. shaking!?!?

    today as I was working out about half way into the workout I had a small adrenaline rush and then about 5 min later inbetween sets I noticed my hands were shaking a lot. I usually dnt shake when I get adrenaline rushes or at least not the ones im used to getting from my mma fights. today was also the first day I was unable to keep up with my diet in over a month.. I did have a very large breakfast and then before my workout I had 4 huge scoops of pb. other factors could be I had a broken sleep pattern last night I went to bed around 11 and was up at 3 to get to the airport then went back to bed around 8am and woke up at 3 pm. I also had a drink last night which I didn't get tipsy or anything but it could be a factor. if anyone has experienced this before or knows how to prevent this please let me know.

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    Could have been an insulin fluctuation. But when I tried GAT's Jet Fuel, it gave me hand tremors that lasted for 15-20 minutes. They were mild, but still bothersome. Had you taken any stim's pre-workout? If not, I'd bet it was low blood sugar.

  3. I didn't take any pre workout supplement I have been on cell tech post workout and I know that is supposed to spike insulin. don't really like the product tho.
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    There ya go. I sure think your insulin dipped, following a significant spike.

  5. im going to go read into that more just for my own benefit but im guessing insuline and blood sugar have a lot to do with eachother? I think that's why people drink oj with creatine right?

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    Yes, read up on it b/c it's a complex topic. Insulin is a hormone, that means it is a chemical secreted into the blood by an endocrine organ and carried around the body to a target organ. Insulin helps to control the amount of glucose dissolved in the blood. Insulin prevents the blood sugar level from rising too high. It is also necessary to have insulin in your blood for respiration to take place. Without insulin cells can only get energy from fat and this causes serious problems.

    * If you have a large carbohydrate meal, the level of glucose in the blood will start to rise as your digestive system turns all the starch and sugars in your food into glucose.
    * If you have not had a meal for several hours your blood sugar level will fall because your cells use up the glucose in aerobic respiration. (sound familiar?)
    * When your blood sugar level rises, MORE insulin is released.
    * When your blood sugar level falls, LESS insulin is released.

    Neither spikes nor dips are good for you. Dips can produce shakes, sweats, mental fog, etc.


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