Looking for idea for Olympic lifting routine...

  1. Looking for idea for Olympic lifting routine...

    When it comes to gym and weights, im all about crosstraining and olympic lifting. After a 7 month binge on Crossfit style training, im adding in Olympic lifting. I started on Sunday. My goal was to do Oly lifting, and do circuit training every other day...but so far this week, the Oly lifting as been kicking the **** out of me (and i love it).

    Heres what my normal Marine Corps day looks like:

    Every Morning: 2 to 6 mile run

    Evenings: My gym time

    This is my little routine i've been doing right now. Mind you, each week I plan on changing the main Olympic lift (the one with 20 reps):

    A1: 20 Squat Cleans (Ramping Weight)
    B1: Clean Pull 3 reps X 8 sets
    B2: Front Squats 3x8
    C1: Bench Press 3x8
    C2: Back Squat 3x8
    D1: Overhead Squat 3x8

    As I said, every week im changing the main lift. So next week will be Snatches, and will do supplementing lifts for snatches, like overhead squats and such.

    But it would be nice to find a good Olympic lifting routine. Something good to follow, that others have done and proven to work well.

  2. Have you looked into the Cathletics daily WODs? They post a daily WOD focusing on improving proficiency and strength in the o'lifts. They've changed things up a little the past few months, but if you look through the archives they used to do 16-week macro cycles. The macro cycles were broken into 4-week micro cycles rotating between strength micro cycle and a bulgarian method micro cycles.

    Obviously the strength cycles focus on strength and not as much technique. A lot of heavy squats(front, back, OHS), pulls, jerks, pullups, etc. Their is also more power variants of the o'lifts.

    The bulgarian method cycles focus on technique. Mainly full o'lifts.

    Anyways, yiou may be aware of Cathletics since you have been involved with Crossfit, but their is a ton of good info. on their website about o'lifting and the WODs are programmed by Gregg Everret who is top notch and a leader in the field! He used to train out of Mike Burgener's gym!

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  4. Add power cleans, squat snatch and power snatch too, RDLs, and be sure to do the split jerk at the end of the cleans.

  5. Greatly appreciate. I will definently do research on Bulgarian Method and Cathletics...

    I will probably switch to their WoDs in a few weeks. Right now, im just breaking myself in and making sure my form is good. Next workout, im focusing on squat snatches. Obviously lower weight to make sure my form is perfect. Once im fully comfortable with the main lifts, I'll transition to Cathletics WoDs.

  6. Are you fairly proficient with the hang power/muscle versions of the lifts. If not, you may want to continue work w/ those for a bit longer. If you get these down now it will pay off big time in the long run.The progressions usually start w/ the high hang muscle snatch/clean and then slowly work their way towards the full lifts.

    high hang muscle>hang power>hang squat>full muscle>full power>full

    Pick one of the above progressions and do several reps and then it will obviously be followed by accessory work. My favorite workouts were to work a ton of hang squat cleans or snatche and then do a bunch of clean/snatch DLs where you really try to focus on an almost vertical back and use your quads. It's always been really tough for me to do a good clean/snatch DL b/c I am very posterior chain dominant and have a tendency to bring way to much hammies in on the 1st pull thus screwing up the entire lift! That's why it's good to do the progressions b/c it allows you to slowly add in components instead of trying to get a ton of cues perfect each time.


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