pulled hammy...

  1. Unhappy pulled hammy...

    hey everyone,

    well i pulled my right hamstring about 2 weeks ago.. doesnt really hurt when i run, but it hurts pretty bad to stretch it or do any strenuous work.
    question is, i have legs tommorow but i cant really do anything with my right hamstring. i can do leg extentions, single leg deadlifts and squats. should i do that and if so, what other leg exercises can i include that would baby my right leg or should i just take some time off my legs and get back 100%? Leg days are my favorite.

    Thanks guys

  2. I would warm up with walking or bike and work on light stretching. It's knotted up and you have to loosen it back up slowly. Try hot tub if you have one, then easy stretches and some massaging. Nothing forceful, just till you feel the slight stretch until you get your flexibility back. If you can do squats and it doesn't hurt, then I say go for it, just don't go crazy. BTW, what did you do to pull it?

  3. stretchhhh it out i pulled both of mine about 2 yrs ago and both legs turned dark purple i sucked it up for the rest of the season but it took me about a yr to fully recover but the doctor told me to stretch whenever i could. start slow and work your way up the last thng you want is to make it worse
  4. ato ucf
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    use a heating pad when your not training to help it heal, i would take some anti-inflamatories as well. mine actually kept me from playing soccer in college and has haunted me since. just be careful and listen to your body, if you feel something stop and move on. it took me 2-3 times longer to get back to full speed because i wanted to get back on the field so badly i pushed it too hard and kept re tearring it.

    good luck!

  5. agreed i was the same way and my leg still hurts from time to time and it took forever to heal when i could have given it a few months rest and been fine



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