Push Press for shoulders your thought.

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    Push Press for shoulders your thought.

    ok well basically i need to get shoulder strengthup because my bench to shoulder press ratio is weak.almost below average.. i also want to add mass on my shoulders. what do you guys think of Push Press, im using explosion from my legs to lock out a weight heavier then my regular press, wouldnt that help bench more too?

    im basically asking would push press be more effective in helping me raise my strength in other lifts or shoulder press.? I also do Arnold Presses Front Dumbell swings and upright rows and rear delt flyes for shoulders.

    now please dont give me a whole new routine to switch too just asking which would be better for overall strength gains shoulder press or push press.

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    Yes... I love the push press. Great explosive lift and will help shoulder strength more than regular shoulder press. I would also suggest improving muscles around the rotator cuff by doing internal and exeternal rotations.

    You can also add jerks to your power and hand cleans which will help your shoulders.

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