critique my program

  1. critique my program

    So i just got done doing a 6 week gvt program. It was my first time on it and overall i liked it. I gained some definite size with it but if i had to stay on it longer then 6 weeks id go insane. anyone that has done gvt knows what i mean im sure. So now im kinda just messing with some ideas. I have an odd schedule so this routine is kinda abnormal. I only have limited time to work out on tuesdays and thursdays so those are my short days and then saturday is a longer day when i have more time so saturdays workouts are a little long but. I train bjj and muay thai almost everyday so i only lift 3 days a week. Im currently not doing sports specific training because im not worried about weight issues and am trying to gain size and strength before getting back into my cutting phase with functional lifts.

    Flat bench 5x5 (with bands occasionaly)
    Dead lifts 5x5
    Weighted Pull-ups 5x5

    Arms / legs

    Behind the neck press 5x5
    Back squats 5x5
    Barbell curl 5x5
    Dips 5x5

    two minute breaks between all 5x5's

    Saturday--- everything performed in drop set fashion
    Chest/back/ arms/legs

    Incline dumbbell fly 2 x 8-12-failure
    Zottman’s curls 2 x 8-12-failure
    Close grip bench 2 x 8-12-failure
    Dead lift 2 x 8-12-failure
    Squats 2 x 8-12-air squats to failure
    Standing military 2 x 8-12-failure
    Pull-ups superset 2x (wide grip pull x fail, narrow grip pull x fail, wide grip chin x fail, narrow grip chin x fail)

    so things im thinking i dont like is the dropset close grips. I respond well to heavy low rep close grips but have never done the in this fashion. Might change that to a dropset of skullcrushers.

    also i was wondering what you guys think about the weight for 5x5's i notive some people keep the same weight for all 5 sets then move up once they get them all. thats what i typically do with 5x5's but ive been reading that its better to ramp weight to a top set of 5

    let me know what you guys think. any suggestions are great

  2. I would not change the weight of the 5 x 5 unless I can get 4 of those sets with no help. Its a good program for strength but you would see more muscle growth by adding a few more reps. Instead of doing 5 x 5 try 4 x 8.

    I really like and they have a great workout for people who are short on time. Its quick and super efficient. I'd give it a shot

  3. thanks for the reply dude. I think i might do 5x5 for a few weeks and then switch to 4x8. Comming off of that gvt 10x10 im really looking forward to doing some low rep sets for a few weeks. What do you think about dealing with lacking body parts. I was thinking of working some extra lateral raises in on all days to try and get my medial delt heads to grow. Would it be overkill?

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