Squats & Hip Pain

  1. Squats & Hip Pain

    Looking to see if anyone has any advise and/or experience with my problem.

    I have flat feet (plantar fasciitis) so I wear inserts in my shoes. They go from my heels to just below the balls of my feet. To top it off I am also bow legged.

    I squat and dead without shoes but I'm beginning to notice that my hips are tightening up quite a bit the heavier I'm able to go (up to 375 for 8 reps on squats).

    My question:

    Should I wear my shoes so that I have the proper arch support or is it meaningless with that amount of weight since I'll be flattening them out. (They are made of some poly-carbonate blah blah blah....basically plastic).

    The pain is very similar to the time before I had the arch supports and as the doctor explained back when I got them, my foot is out of alignment so it throws off everything else.

    Or, should I just stop complaining and continue stretching?


  2. I have heard that flat shoes are always best to wear and have also heard of people squatting barefoot. Its quite common.

    Now you are concerned with your hip. Do you do warm up sets? Stretches? What does all that look like for you?

    If you really want some good help you should think about posting a video of you doing a squat so people can critique your form. That could be the problem too.
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  3. Yes on warm ups and stretches.

    The pain is caused in my hip from being flat footed I believe. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem and how they deal with it.

    I really like squat/dead bare footed, but if wearing shoes with supports will take care of the problem then I suppose I should just try it with shoes.

    I just wasn't sure if the amount of weight would nullify the orthotics I have.


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