advice on training after a peak??

  1. advice on training after a peak??

    Hey guys I'm about to finish a 8 week bench program. I've gained about 25 lbs on my bench, so I'm pretty happy! However, i need to know how to train after i hit my peak. I want to maintain my strength but I also need to ramp down the intensity so my body won't revolt on me. I like to use percentage numbers for my weight. Anybody know what to use far as percentages, reps, sets, and frequency for the bench to keep my strength but not overtrain until my next peak?

  2. Ususally when i hit some big weights or finish a program, i start off with some low weights and use progressive overload to get back up. So if i finish a workout that has me benching in the 400-450 range for a few weeks, i will then finish and start at like 315 for 3x5 and work my way back up slowly.

  3. after i max out on bench and feel the OT coming on, i take 3 days off lifting eat watever i want.. start back up and only do light DB for chest for a week then back at it 2 x 102 x 8 the ed coan routine or whatever routine i wanna use.

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