Leg routine evaluate

  1. Leg routine evaluate

    i have chicken legs hate working legs anyways im starting to like it kind of...

    Squat Machine it has a pad where i put my back against push up to un rack, i go below parallel. now i know a million of u are going to say barbell squat! i have couple reasons i dont.

    1. Feel more of a burn and can go down way lower using machine (thats the goal right?)
    2. my hamstrings are domanant over quads from deadlifting so it causes problem barbell squating the machine puts more emphasis on quads.
    3. most importantly i like to keep my back fresh for a heavy ass deadlift every week.

    anyways i use a 8,6,4,2 rep scheme..

    Hack Squat Machine
    8,6,4,2 reps

    Leg Press super set with Leg Extentions
    4 x 7

    Donkey calf raises 4 x 12

    i dont do hamstrings because i do them with back and deadlift day.. i dont want them sore b4 deads.

  2. no reasons you listed are good enough not to do barbell squats

    thats my opinion hack squat machine isn`t even in my program at all

    my leg workout NOW:

    1 set Squat
    1 set Lunge
    1 set Leg Press
    1 set Leg Extension

    1 set Straight Leg Deadlift
    1 set Lying Reverse Leg Extension

    My Usual for 3 years

    Squat 3 sets 4-6 reps
    Lunge or Leg Press 2 sets 4-6 reps

    Straight Leg 2 sets 4-6 reps
    Leg Extension 1 set 4-6 reps


    Bench, Squat and Deadlifts are whole body exercises. unless injury or strain is preventing you from doing one i don`t think a program is complete with one missing. I understand you want to deadlift but you have to work it in, everyone else does

    FOR YOU:: i suggest doing this::

    Hack Squat Machine: 6, 4
    Squat 2 sets 4-6 reps
    Leg Press 2 sets
    Donkey Calves

    forget the trimmings like leg extensions, hit the hack squat hard, then give whatever is left on squats. i think this is a very good routine and you will see results.
    Doing squats after the hack machine will also make you use your quads more on squats, just ask Dorian Yates and he had insane quads-- don`t know about the science behind that but my quads burn when i do squats after another exercise

  3. stop being a ***** and squat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  4. If you feel more in hamstrings on barbell squat, move your stance in a bit. The wider your stance, the more ham involvement. Also, to build mass, the burn isn't necessarily what you are after. It helps to feel the work in the right area, but you generally won't get the burn doing squats unless you are doing 15-20 reps. Start with weight light enough to get form right on squats. Then do 5 sets of 5, pyramiding up in weight. Then maybe a couple heavy sets on hacks. You might not feel "burn" during workout, but just try it and let us know how the legs are the next day and day after that.
    Also, on leg presses, if your feet are high up on platform, it will nail your hams more. keep them low enough to keep your knee safe, but targets the quads more. Also keeping a bit of narrower stance on these as well.

    BTW, if your squat form is correct, you shouldn't be "wasting" your lower back doing them. You shouldn't need to "save your back for heavy ass deads". Maybe the heavy deads are hitting your hams more than you think, and should back off them a bit to get the quads more up to par. Just a suggestion.

    Real life example: Me. Friday AM I did squats, 1 set of bar, 2 sets of 135, 1 set 185 for warmup, then 3 sets of 225 for 5-6 reps, then a "widowmaker" set of 135 for 20 reps. (No it's not DC plan either.) For hams, I did 4 sets of heavy lying leg curls of 8-12 strict reps, then 4-5 sets of heavy, slow calf raisses on leg presses. Today is tuesday AM and my legs finally quit hurting. Usually, when I do legs on fri, they are good by monday AM to do cardio, but I could still hardly walk right. You don't need to do a ton of work, if you do the work properly.

  5. My routine as of late. Westside in a sense.

    ME lower body:
    deads (3x3)
    front squats (4x5)
    Rev hypers (3x 8-12)
    GHR (3X 8-12)

    RE lower body:
    Squat (5x8)
    RDL (4x10)
    Rev Hypers (3 x 8-12)
    GHR (3 x 8-12)

  6. Finish off with some sort of lunges for unilateral training,.. helps increase pumps and mass.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  7. I am tall with skinny legs as well. The only thing that really put size on my legs before i started powerlifting was this.

    Hacks 2x20. These need to be gutbusters. When you actually get 2x20 go up in weight.
    squats 2x12 same thing. do these more of a powerlifting style, not high bar olympic
    ham curls 5x6

    Deadlifts on seperate days should work hams some more.

    I did this once a week. In my 18 years in the gym this is the one routine that stands out in my mind. You could probably do this once ever 5 or 6 days though, or throw in a light leg day as a second day at some point.


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