Best exercise for building a biceps peak?

  1. Best exercise for building a biceps peak?

    My tri's are getting big,but i cannot for the life of me get a peak going on in my bi's. I have been neglecting the incline db curl,i for some reason am under the assumption that the incline curl might do me justice because of the stretch that it put's on the bi's. I am no expert on exercise science,so if i am wrong about this..share your thought's.

  2. DB Curls @ the top squeeze and twist the wrist.

    When I first started working out that exercise really helped me. Just make sure you squeeze the bicep at the top and twist the wrist to really help get a sqeeze at the peak.

  3. DROP SETS! start off with a hard 4 x Failure

    u usally put 3 10 pound plates on each side and do 8, but the key is dont do them as a full curl like up to ur chin. put ur elbows sides and pull up just using ur biceps. the first set u wont really get burn if ur going heavy.. then after that when u go strip 5 -10 pounds go to failure and keep going u get a sweet pump and then do a heavy set of 9-10 on preacher curls and drop 10 pounds every set go to failure.. this after a heavy back workout (which uses a lot biceps) will get a sweet peak

  4. Some people are genetically gifted to have a "peak". Some just have a fat, thick, bicep that goes from shoulder to elbow. When flexed, it is round and big, maybe not with a peak on it though. What are your workouts like? It is possible that you aren't hitting them correctly or have bad form. Bad form usually accounts for a majority of people "not having a good bicep". No matter what exercise you do, keep it strict. Even with heavier weight. IF it gets sloppy and you start leaning and twisting to get a rep up, it's too much. Now there is something to be said for hitting a set of 10-12, with the first 8-10 being strict, and then the last 2 having to use a LITTLE body english to get it up. Just don't turn it into a back and shoulder exercise.

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