Training behind bars ! need help

  1. Training behind bars ! need help | Training Behind Bars - Part 1

    ok so im not going to jail or anything just came across this article over a year ago. basically its an interview with the biggest dude in prison and he competes in prison powerlifting.

    best lifts
    Squat: 810
    Bench: 515
    Deadlift: 835

    he achieved this without having a state of the art diet or supplements being that hes been in prison for a long time.. i was thinking is this a split to consider ?

    Monday: Legs, abs
    Tuesday: Chest, tri's, bi's (no direct forearm work)
    Wednesday: Deadlifting and back
    Thursday: Shoulders
    Friday: High rep training for legs and chest
    Saturday: Bodyweight-only day plus abs

    thts the split this guy uses.. now i dont see a problemwith mon-wed however thursday shoulders mine would be really sore and then high rep training for chest the next day would suck... my weaknesses are my legs and shoulders so i was thinking of something like

    Monday-Legs and abs
    Tuesday-Chest and Tri's and Bi's
    Wednesday-deads and back
    Friday- High Rep legs MAYBE chest and abs
    Saturday and Sunday off

    and any input as in what lifts to use im writing up a routine right now.. but by looking at the set up is this too much?

  2. Didn't you just start westside like a month ago?

    Trust me the guys routine isn't anything groundbreaking, just think what life like in prison is like today. Some of these guys get 20+ hours of rest per day, and three square meals. If you laid around all day except for your training time you would get pretty strong too.

  3. yea i do westside i love the ME bench and ME lower body but i need leg growth and my shoulders are lacking.. any recomindations?!

    for the last two weeks i dropped out ME lower body and have been doing a BB style leg routine. just because i want leg size bad. and im gettin bored of Westside however the results are good ahh.

  4. You don't have any training partners right? Westside training is definitely a lot more fun when you competing with people on a daily basis in your ME workouts.
    Anyways, your assistance work is what is going to give you hypertrophy in your legs. I would keep the max effort work but for your second exercise you can utilize some moderate rep stuff (8-10) like front squats, Bent Good Mornings, Zerchers, etc. Then for your assistance do a high rep hamstring movement like ball leg curls, do some back raises, and then some abs. If you really want to add size onto your legs just finish each session with very high rep lunges, splits squats, or other single leg movement. With Westside training your really not hitting your quads to much unless you are doing things like sled pulling or TKE's. You will notice your legs will grow more by adding in those lunges at the end because they will activate your quads more than most powerlifting exercises. You could always do some close stance squatting for your max or second exercises as well which will build up your quads.

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