Bench Press - Smith Machine vs. Standard

  1. Bench Press - Smith Machine vs. Standard

    SO I have a question for the Board, in regards to bench press, which do you feel is better, and why, between using a Smith Machine and a Standard Bench Press Rack. I have always used a standard rack, however last week I was on vacation, and the weightroom facility only had a Smith machine, so I used that. I see the benefits to both, with standard, you have to focus on control, balance, overall technique, etc. With the Smith, I noticed that several of those factors are removed, allowing for more focus on the specific muscle group you are working. So there are positives and negatives with both. Of course, with the Smith, my max went from around 245 on standard after a full pyramid, to 275, so I loved that of course, even though some of that may be false weight, like a leg press.

    I see guys in the gym back home using both methods, and now I am wondering how I might proceed.

    So, looking forward to opinions here.

  2. Personally when i lift I want to use the most muscles possible; so for me I would DB press or in this case, regular BB press. I want to use and develop my stabilizers which will help me gain more size, mass, and functional strength.

    I would only use the Smith for doing close grip after I have already done a full chest workout and my delts and stabilizers were shot; placing more of the load on my chest and tri's which is where i want it to be at this point.

    Another thing to take into account is that the Smith's bar is assisted by pulleys....

  3. agree with the above, CG or reverse grip bench after a good chest workout smith machine is good for. and neck presses if u do those.

  4. i agree if you use db or bb press you use more muscles which makes you gain more mass compared to the smith machine which is assisted

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