Working same muslces two days in a row

  1. Working same muslces two days in a row

    So earlier today (monday) I played basketball to warm up, but I played too long and got tired. Then I started lifting, did decline press 1 set of 6 then did 2 more reps and decided to stop and go home because i was too tired to lift. My question is would it be bad to lift tomorrow (tuesday) my arms again? Reason being i want to lift is because I didn't really do anything on monday.

  2. Not sure if its right of not, but I will do this when I have a bad/off day myself. I would go ahead and do it.

  3. You should be fine. 8 reps didn't really max out your system, so don't worry about it.

  4. if you only did one set, then you are fine. Lifting 2 days in a row isnt bad if your working different muscle groups. Just make sure its not ruining the rest of your workout split. IE if its 3 day MWF routine, you only did 1 set monday so you go and decide to make up for it tuesday. Then wednesday you do your normal routine and hit some of the same muscle groups again, that could be a bit much.

    Many ppl have splits that are setup to lift days in a row. For instance, right now im doing a push pull routine and do it.

    doing 1 set+2 reps on decline, especially if they were warmup sets, wouldnt cause enough damage to worry about lifting arms the following day. You probably wouldnt even have a problem doing your chest again if you wanted too.

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